Salloum Logistics is a socially responsible company,

seeking to make positive changes and valuable contributions to its clients, employees, the local community and the environment. We are committed to creating a workplace that respects human rights regulations, labour law, the environment as well as acts against corruption.

Since the establishment of Salloum Logistics in 2013 the term “compliance” is an important keyword. It is a fundamental component of our corporate policy which is based upon following criteria:

  • to conduct business with integrity and fairness
  • to take responsibility for our employees and the environment
  • to base our activities on the applicable law of the countries in which Salloum Logistics operates.

This fundamental position is the basis of our actions to date and a key factor in ensuring the long-term and sustainable success of our company for the future.

ISO 9001

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ISO 14001

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Code of Conduct

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