Automotive Logistics

Our extensive experience in offering transport services has permitted us to offer the highest quality services to our clients.

Our team of well-qualified professional drivers has broad experience in international transport.

All of our car transporters are equipped with mobile phones and a GPS satellite monitoring system that facilitate:

  • communication with the driver
  • online information about the driver’s activity
  • constant monitoring of vehicle positions
  • efficient and safe fleet management
  • the receipt of any alarm signals from vehicles
  • the management of the vehicle database

All of these features allow us to carry out tasks efficiently, quickly and safely. The modern fleet takes over vehicle transportation of all kinds which we are able to track and trace anytime for our customers and us. hanks to our modern software support in the office and on the trucks, it is possible for us to accurately predict the delivery time of a customer’s vehicle within minutes and enables us to see and respond quickly to any emerging disturbances.

In our compound in Duisburg we offer our customers the loading and unloading of vehicles transported by rail. For this purpose a double track system is available which can accommodate up to 22 wagons. Delivery of vehicles by sea and the loading/unloading process can also be performed there.